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Review of TutorMandarin

Learn Chinese w/ professional tutors

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When it comes to learning Chinese, it is very important to master the characters and the corresponding tones, which you can easily study using Zizzle. However, it is equally important to put into practice the vocabulary learnt by talking to Chinese native speakers. In particular, it is helpful to talk to qualified tutors who can not only check your pronunciation but also individually help you learn Chinese according to your current language level. This is where TutorMandarin and its online Chinese learning courses with professional teachers come in.

Learn Chinese Online with Professional Tutors with TutorMandarin

What is TutorMandarin?

TutorMandarin provides professional, one-on-one Mandarin tutoring from certified Chinese language teachers (each with over 500 hours of experience). The classes are taken through a mobile / PC classroom that includes high quality video calling, an interactive whiteboard and viewable lesson content built around HSK standards.

How do you get started?

Each new user starts with a free 50-minute trial and a full language evaluation, as well as class notes and progress statistics. Upon clicking on the Book Free Trial button on the homepage of TutorMandarin you only need to fill in your name, your country, your e-mail and your phone number.  After submitting this info, a Trial Survey opens, in which you are asked about your preferred time for the first class, the amount of years you have been studying Chinese, your Chinese level and your learning goals. As soon as you have submitted these details, you will be contacted via phone  by one of the friendly TutorMandarin employees who will welcome you to the program and confirm the info you have previously provided. Along with this confirmation and the free download of an introduction to pinyin, pronunciation exercises, an ebook with survival phrases for visiting China and a package of flashcards, you are ready to start your learning journey with TutorMandarin.

Image showing the signup screen to Learn Chinese Online with TutorMandarin
Image with Free Ebook to Learn Chinese

How does TutorMandarin work?

On the appointed date of your first trial class, you can access the virtual classroom via a link previously provided to you by TutorMandarin. All you need is your PC or Android phone, headphones and a microphone and you’re set to go.

10 minutes before your class, you will receive a reminder SMS from TutorMandarin and you will be expected to enter the classroom at the appointed time. There, your new Chinese teacher will greet you, walk you through the setup of the virtual classroom and explain the day’s lesson to you. From then on, just be open and enjoy the professional class with a friendly and motivating atmosphere.

Image Showing 1-on-1 Chinese Language Tutoring

At the end of the 50-minute trial class, your Chinese tutor will evaluate your level and give you a recommendation for the next steps of your Chinese learning journey. Following the class, you will receive an elaborate e-mail with the class notes, the vocabulary learnt, grammar explanations, pronunciation reminders, the evaluation of your level and further comments.

If you enjoyed the class and you would like to continue learning Chinese with TutorMandarin you can purchase packages and credits according to the following tables:

Image Showing Learn Chinese Packages from TutorMandarin
Image Showing Credit System from TutorMandarin to Learn Chinese Online

You can either take 50-minute comprehensive step-by-step lessons or 25-minute classes based on topics such as hobbies, travel or food.  In addition to this, the TutorMandarin Android app offers the possibility to view your purchased packages and classes, as well as daily content containing articles, videos and flashcards.

Overall recommendation

TutorMandarin is an effective, professional, one-on-one Mandarin tutoring platform which offers personalized learning opportunities. It is especially suited for practicing vocabulary that you have already learnt and for improving your pronunciation and speaking skills. The higher your Chinese level, the more convenient TutorMandarin is for a further individual improvement. While the lessons are extremely individualized and the teachers are open to your learning goals, the service of TutorMandarin is very welcoming and the support is user-friendly. All in all, we highly recommend TutorMandarin as a supplement for applying the knowledge acquired through Zizzle in an open and motivating learning environment.

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