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Sneak peek into a brand new kind of Chinese language app

You might have all been wondering where we have been for the last couple of weeks. Some of you may have even thought that we have given up.  But the truth couldn't be further away...  

Behind the scenes, we have been working hard, designing and developing and testing.

We invite you to have a look into what's going to come soon!

As always, we would appreciate your feedback, so please comment or send us a message. If you haven't done so yet, don't forget to sign up for the newsletter to be the first to get our open beta (! Oh, and if you or someone you know happens to be an investor, well... give us a shout out!

Soon you will be able to log in to speed up your Chinese learning process. Excited?

We have compiled a basic deck for you based on the logical structure of Chinese characters.

 Through the main menu, you have all the main functions as well as your personal progress at one sight.

 For those of you just starting out, our tutorial will explain to you how everything works.

 Find all the relevant information about a Chinese character in the character screen.

 This is what the stories look like in the app. Cool, huh?

 Immediately test your knowledge after you have learned a character. Only practice makes perfect!

  Discover which words and sentences you can build with the characters you have learned!

 And then just go ahead and learn the next character. Congratulations! You have mastered a Chinese character in less than 2 minutes!

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