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    We know that learning Chinese characters with rote memorisation is tough. That's why our Chinese app Zizzle is based on visualised stories to help you master Chinese.

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    Spaced Repetition

    Spaced Repetition is a proven method to learn Chinese more efficiently. Zizzle App makes sure you instantly reinforce what you have learned in small quizzes over time.

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    Save Money

    Save real money when buying an annual subscription! Claim your exclusive 50% DISCOUNT and save up to $60 per subscription!

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    Flexible Access

    Subscriptions give you access to ALL characters for a limited time, Packs give you LIFETIME Access to selected Characters. It's your choice!

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    Zizzle Subscription

    Zizzle Subscription

    $9.99 - $159.99
    Zizzle App turns Chinese characters into engaging visualizations and memorable short stories with funny heroes. Ready to master Chinese? With Zizzle, YOU can do it!

    - Unlimited Access to visualized stories for 850+ Chinese characters (free access to new characters)
    - 3000+ Essential Chinese words and phrases (including full audio)
    - Individually tailored vocabulary lists
    - Intelligent spaced repetition testing systems
    - For both Android and iOS
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    Zizzle Character Packs

    Zizzle Character Packs

    Zizzle Character Packs give you LIFETIME access to the following decks including all Chinese characters, words and phrases, audio and quizzes:
    - CRACK THE HSK (includes the decks HSK1-HSK6)
    - MASTER EVERYDAY CHINESE (includes the decks Travel, Food, Business and Numbers)
    - CHINESE TEXTBOOK COMPANION (includes the decks Integrated Chinese, A New China, New Practical Chinese Reader, Encounters, Edexcel GCSE, Jinbu, Discover China)
    - CHINESE MEDICINE (includes the most important characters for Chinese Medicine and acupuncture)
    Coming soon
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is Zizzle App the best tool for learning Chinese?

    Zizzle App is the first mobile app for learning Chinese that does not primarily focus on rote repetition. Instead, Zizzle is the first Chinese app based on proven memorization techniques: visualisation, the keyword method and association.

    How does the subscription system work?

    Zizzle App offers monthly and annual subscriptions. You can purchase your subscription directly from the homepage here. After purchasing your Zizzle subscription, you will have access to ALL Chinese characters in the app for the subscription period! You can cancel the subscription at any time before the end of the period. You should choose subscriptions over Zizzle Character Packs if you want to really learn everything there is, or if you cannot decide between the packs.

    What are Zizzle Character Packs?

    Zizzle Character Packs are the newest way to get access to the Zizzle content. Once you have purchased your pack, you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the Chinese characters that are included in your pack with all the Zizzle functions you love: visual stories, words and phrases, audio, quizzes and spaced repetition. You should learn Chinese with Zizzle Character Packs if you are learning Chinese towards a very concrete goal, like the HSK tests.

    How many Chinese characters are covered in Zizzle App?

    The current version of Zizzle App covers 850+ Chinese characters. We will continue to update our Chinese character library until we have covered the 3,000+ Chinese characters required for the highest official Chinese exam, HSK level 6.

    Which Chinese characters are covered?

    For the 850+ Chinese characters covered in the current version of Zizzle App, we have carefully selected the most frequently used Chinese characters from the basic and intermediate levels of the official Chinese exams (HSK level 1 to 6). These characters will allow you to read basic texts and to have most day-to-day conversations in Chinese. You will be able to introduce yourself, talk about your friends and families, go shopping, wish someone happy birthday in Chinese and many more things.

    I am a Chinese language teacher, can I use Zizzle for my classroom?

    Yes. We believe that Zizzle (and learning technology in general) can greatly enhance the Mandarin learning experience in the classroom. For schools and other institutions, we offer individually tailored licenses with competitive pricing based on the number of students using Zizzle. We have successfully worked with institutions in the United States, the UK and Germany. We are very happy to set up a demo for you at anytime.

    Where can I find out more about Zizzle?

    Zizzle has been reviewed on Eurolinguiste. We have been featured on Product Hunt, EdSurge, Beehive Startups, sinonerds, Language Learning Wiki, Tutorful's language learning resources and the major German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung. Recently, we have been interviewed by US radio broadcaster KCPW.

    Where does Zizzle receive funding from?

    Zizzle has been funded and supported by BoomStartup and the Foundation of German Business. We are very grateful for the support.

    Who is the team behind Zizzle?

    We are a highly motivated team of three: Lukas, Kevin and Hagen. We plan on building the best Chinese App there is!

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    Zizzle was featured in Eurolinguiste, Product Hunt, Süddeutsche Zeitung, EdSurge, Duang Mandarin, Beehive Startups, sinonerds, KCPW radio station and supported by BoomStartup and SDW
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