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    Zizzle App shows you the logic behind Chinese characters.

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    Chinese is more than just characters.

    Zizzle App includes the most relevant words and phrases for each character so you can go out and use them.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Why is Zizzle App the best tool for learning Chinese?

    Zizzle App is the first mobile app for learning Chinese that does not primarily focus on rote repetition. Instead, Zizzle is based on proven memorization techniques: visualization, the keyword method and association.

    How many Chinese characters are covered in Zizzle App?

    The current version of Zizzle App covers around 650 Chinese characters. We will continue to update our Chinese character library until we have covered the 3,000+ Chinese characters required for the highest official Chinese exam, HSK level 6.

    Which Chinese characters are covered in the current version?

    For the 800 Chinese characters covered in the current version of Zizzle App, we have carefully selected the most frequently used Chinese characters from the basic and intermediate levels of the official Chinese exams (HSK level 1 to 6). These characters allow you to read basic texts and to have most day-to-day conversations in Chinese. You will be able to introduce yourself, talk about your friends and families, go shopping, wish someone happy birthday in Chinese and many more things.

    What is included in the free trial?

    You can download Zizzle App from both Apple's App Store and Google's Play Store. When you access Zizzle, you can use the entire app within a free trial period of seven days to learn as many Chinese characters as you want. After that, you can subscribe to continue your journey with Zizzle!

    How does the subscription system work?

    Zizzle App offers monthly and annual subscriptions. You can either purchase your subscription here on our homepage or directly through Zizzle App. In both cases, we activate your subscription within 24 hours and you can start enjoying Zizzle App to learn unlimited Chinese characters.

    Does Zizzle cover simplified and traditional characters?

    In the current version of Zizzle App, we only cover simplified Chinese characters. But we will also cover traditional Chinese characters in further updates. And even for the current version, remember that about 70% of simplified and traditional Chinese characters are the same. So Zizzle App can already get you almost all the way there.

    Does Zizzle App run on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, tablets or laptop computers?​

    Zizzle is available on all of these devices. The current version runs on Android and iOS. We are working on a web app for your computer browser.

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