• What Users Say About Zizzle

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    Lukas, 30

    I can't believe how powerful these mnemonics are! Last week I was struggling to even recognise hanzi and tell apart characters like 对, 时 and 寸, and now I can even write the Pinyin and tone perfectly to all 400 I've learnt (Yep, 400 since Friday!!!), and even reproduce the hanzi from Pinyin + definition no problem!

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    Hagen, 30

    I've tried so many different apps and websites. Years ago, I tried learning Japanese kanji through a similar method but that one wasn't illustrated and didn't teach pronunciation so it wasn't very helpful. This is just an absolute miracle and suits my visual learning style so well.

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    Kevin, 30

    I love how previous hanzi show up in new hanzi, helping to reinforce old ones as you go. It makes so much more sense to analyse the radicals and learn from the bottom up instead of trying to bash them into your head through rote learning repetition. I tried that too, writing out all of HSK1 and HSK2 more than ten times and they didn't stick one single bit. (Never mind tones).